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Beanna J. Whitlock,
Executive Director


2014 ACA
The Affordable Healthcare Act
What We Know
What We Think We Know
What We Don't Know
Why We Have No Clue
The ACA of Today!
3-CE Hours


2014 Ethics 101 Back To Basics
What Every Tax Professional Should Know,
Why They Should Know It and
How They Should Run Their Business
2-CE Hours


2014 Taxation Of Ministers
1-CE Hour


2014 IRS Audits
1-CE Hour

Searchable and Direct Linked References 942-Page Book of

2013 Fall Seminar Series
1040 Individual Income Tax Workshop

Searchable 2013 Summer Seminar Books   
836-Page Searchable 2013 Summer Seminar Series Book;
Corporations (C & S) and
Partnership (LLCs)

NCPE Fellowship

The Fellowship - The ncpeFellowship is an organization of tax professionals dedicated to being the best educated and technically proficient tax professionals in the business of tax.

In May, 2010, the NCPE Board of Directors commissioned Beanna Whitlock, EA to provide a web based educational tool to enhance the educational opportunities of tax professionals who were serious about their education in the field of tax and related subjects.

The tax professional community immediately responded with their support and the ncpeFellowship was born, growing in only a few short months to a vibrant tax professional organization.

For additional information on how you can become a Member of the ncpeFellowship:

Contact us at: 877-403-1470 or Beanna@ncpefellowship.com

Do this for the satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing, at the right time, for the right individual - YOU!

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