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Benefits of Being a Member of the Fellowship

The ncpeFellowship was created in May 2010 to promote and enhance the effectiveness of members in the profession of tax.

Benefits include:

  1. Secure email messaging through VeriFyle
  2. Email messaging to inform and instruct members in tax matters
  3. Notification of ncpe Seminar, Fall and Summer sessions
  4. Monthly tax newsletter - Taxing Times by email
  5. Client newsletters, minimum of 4 annually
  6. Year - end tax planning newsletter to clients
  7. Resources, worksheets, forms, letters, contracts, etc
  8. Research, tax questions answered by email or phone
  9. Sponsors, offering tax related goods and services at discount prices
  10. Practice management aids, including tax practice policy manual
  11. Interactive web-board called the Forum
  12. Court cases, Private Letter Rulings and TIGTA Reports
  13. And, much, much more

Members' Resources Center Login
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