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Jason Marsdale
Vice President of Sales & Marketing | Monroe Systems for Business
Direct: 267-580-2633 | Office: 267-580-2600

Treat yourself to the best-in-class printing calculator that was designed with CPAs in mind, The Monroe UltimateX Printing Calculator. Normally $207, use coupon code NCPE for 10% off your Monroe products ordered through Monroe-Systems.com or call 267-580-2600 Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm EST.

The engineers at Monroe worked tirelessly to develop the best available printing calculator on the market. The Monroe UltimateX combines all of the favorite features from previous Monroe models and is the top-of-the-line 12-digit print/display heavy-duty calculator. The Monroe UltimateX features our newly updated printer which, for the first time in Monroe history, is compatible with Monroe M33X ribbon cartridges and their signature 20 lb. paper tape rolls.

Key Features

• Velvet touch keys with individual key switch technology
• Ability to edit and reprint tapes and entries up to 99 lines
• Print speed of 5 lines per second
• Slide switch to select running subtotal or grand total
• Enclosed paper roll to protect from dust build up (read our blog on the enclosed paper roll)
• Indicator lamp (making users aware of an active calculation)
• Automatic total print above tear-off off knife
• Hidden storage compartment for a spare paper roll and a twin-spooled ribbon to reduce downtime
• (2) 4-key independent memories that will allow users to simultaneously run multiple math problems, all while having the ability to store their respective tax rates
• Independent operation of multiplication and division capability, enabling the user to multiply and divide during addition and subtraction Those who know, choose Monroe.

*The Monroe UltimateX commonly replaces the Canon CP1213DII, Canon CP1213DIII, Sharp QS-1760H, Sharp QS-2760H, Sharp VX2652H, Sharp QS-2770H, and Victor PL8000 calculators.

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