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Audit Defense Package

Audit Defense Package Website
With Discount Coupons for ncpeFellowship Members

40+ years as an Enrolled Agent has taught me to do the work I want done for the Revenue Agent or Revenue Officer myself, but now I have a product that makes representing your taxpayer almost foolproof.

If you offer taxpayer representation or your clients are going to “do it themselves” Robert Greene is offering the members of the ncpeFellowship an outstanding product – an essential tool for a successful engagement wi9th the IRS audit division.

$50 off per order and purchase of 5 or more at one time an outstanding $375 discount. See information below.

This package has proven very effective in defending against IRS, California, and New York State Audits of the Schedule A, Schedule C, and Schedule E.

All NCPE Fellowship members can use this code: NCPE$50OFF for a fifty dollar discount on the Audit Defense Package.

The $50 off coupon is per order. The coupon can be used on an unlimited number of orders

For customers who want to purchase more than one at a time, use this coupon: BUYFIVEFOR2K. This coupon will allow someone who purchases 5 or more packages at a time to receive a $375 discount

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